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Feels Like a Party           Business Man       Lo Cash Music Video

Fatal Attraction 810.      Det. Brinkley       Jupiter Entertainment

The Beast of Eden          Lenny                    Ellen Epstein

The Pusher                     Preacher                 Andi Morrow

Whole Latte Trouble.   Business Man        Zach King

Homicide Hunter 807  Det. Tippen           Jupiter Entertainment

Snapped 2402               Det Tim Donlin     Jupiter Entertainment

Killer Couples 1005      Scott Roseblum    Jupiter Entertainment

Notorious 202.           Stanley Jagodowski Jupiter Entertainment

Notorious 201.           Dick Humphreys       Jupiter Entertainment

Murder Comes

To Town 508               State Attorney 1     Jupiter Entertainment

EM 206                       Detective                    Jupiter Entertainment

Snapped 2314.          Clarence                         Jupiter Entertainment

11/22/63.                         Featured Background                Hulu

Salem.                               Background                                 

American Crime.              Background                                 ABC Studios

I Saw the Light.                 Featured Background               Sony Pictures 

The Leftovers                    Background                                 HBO

Harry Can I Borrow Your Skin     Lead                 Art Institute of Houston

  Theatre( Partial):

HBO Westworld SXSW,Immersion Theater  Jasper Collins      David Wally, Mycotoo

To Kill a Mockingbird       WalteCunningham                Crighton Players

South Pacific                         Stew Pot                  Crighton Player’s

Anything Goes                  The Captain                  Stage Right

Little Women             Mr. Laurence       University of St Thomas



Tom Logan –WorkshopJoy Morris -Film Study(Gage Talent)

Lar Park Lincoln-Audition Coach/On CameraDeke Anderson-Character Study

Sara Gaston-Intensive Scene StudyLone Star College- Stage 101

Shann Powers: Voice tenor/baritone Backstage: Tap 

Arthur Murray Dance Studio: ballroom


Special Skills:

Drive: standard, tractors, 8 ton dump trucks, horse and buggy; Dance: Ballroom, tap, Country western, Criminal Justice Professor, fire arms, hunting, fishing, archery, bowling, pool, boating,western equestrian, athletic coach, baritone, southern accent


Monty: Best Actor168 Christian Film Festival Los Angeles : Stumbles

Demo Reel

Check out this great video

Pusher the movie

Check out this great video

Beast of Eden

Check out this great video